A Mac shell script to generate high-quality voice libraries for the Taranis series of RC radio control systems.
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A high-quality male-voiced soundpack for your Taranis or other OpenTX radio. Easily customisable, all sounds are generated by a script that pulls your phrases from a simple CSV file and names them appropriately.


  1. Click the Clone or Download button.
  2. Click Download Zip.
  3. Copy the SOUNDS/en folder into the SOUNDS folder on your Taranis SD card. (You might want to keep your existing en folder somewhere. I called mine en-old.)
  4. This is a great tutorial on setting up Taranis sounds.


  1. Download Taranis-Voicebot.sh and EN-Taranis-Daniel.csv (all sounds will be generated, so no need to download these unless you want to).
  2. Make Taranis-Voicebot.sh executable with chmod +x Taranis-Voicebot.sh
  3. Customise EN-Taranis-Daniel.csv with the phrases you'd like to use. It's best to add yours at the bottom - use the same filenames as the defaults and they will overwrite the originals. NOTE: you must leave a blank line at the end because of reasons. If you don't, the final sound will not be generated.
  4. Run ./Taranis-Voicebot.sh EN-Taranis-Daniel.csv to generate the output folders and all all the sound files.
  5. Copy the SOUNDS folder to your Taranis SD card.
  6. This is a great tutorial on setting up Taranis sounds.